Measuring SEO ROI is Now Easy With Our SEO Calculator!

Use this easy SEO Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator to measure and determine if spending money
on SEO improvements is a cost-effective and profitable ROI for your business or website...

Directions: After entering in a required field on the SEO Calculator below, use the TAB button on your keyboard to go to
the next field and the caclulator will update itself. View the Two Year SEO ROI Results on the right hand side
to see the final results. If it's not cost effective, play with the numbers to see if you can in fact do SEO improvements and
make it profitable such as reducing your SEO improvement costs.



1. What is Your Monthly Traffic Volume        
2. From Your New SEO Activities, What % Increase in Traffic Do You Expect    
Two Year SEO ROI Results
Yearly Traffic Volume        
Increase InTotal Traffic In Year 1     First Year Additional Revenue
        Second Year Additional Revenue
3. What Is Your Current Conversion Rate     Two Year ROI Total
        # of Conversions directly from the SEO Improvements
Increase in Conversions        
4. Enter Your AOV (Avg Order Value)        
5. Enter Your Avg. Cost per Sale        
Revenue Per Sale (AOV - Avg Cost Per Sale)        
6. How Much $ Will Your New SEO Improvements Cost You (writing, development, etc.)        
Additional Cost Per New Sale (First Year)        

Your Two Year SEO ROI Results take into account that your cost of SEO improvements is in the first year only. For example, you pay a writer to write 100 articles that are SEO optimized and you want to know the SEO ROI for those 100 articles and you will spend no more money on those 100 articles after they are completed. Second Year Additional Revenue is full revenue with no SEO costs associated with them. Your Two Year ROI Total is simply your First Year Additional Revenue from the SEO improvements and your Second Year Additional Revenue from those SAME SEO improvements added together.


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